Friday, August 17, 2012

How Can You Help The Struggling Homemaker?

Do you know of a fellow homemaker who is struggling at home?  You most likely do, even if she's hiding her struggles as best as she can. 

Seldom do you see a fellow homemaker come out and say "HELP ME!"  Most likely when you do find one that's at that point, that "help me" is accompanying tears, frustration, guilt, stress, you name it. 

You've most likely been there at some point in your life.  I sure have, on more than one occasion.

So what can we do to help this struggling homemaker?

First, let's come along side her.  This doesn't necessarily mean barge in and take over cleaning her home and doing the laundry and so on--the home IS her domain and this can easily send her to retreating.  Instead, offer her a cup of tea, coffee, or soda at a local restaurant, or at your own home.  This takes down her stress level a bit, to get away and be around another homemaker like her. 

Second, listen to her.  Let her speak about what's brought her to the point of frustration, why she's struggling.  You may find she has some issues you've already handled or are currently dealing with yourself.  You may have insight to help guide her.

Third, point her to Scripture.  Jesus is the only one who can bring peace, so it seems only natural to take her to Him.  If she doesn't know Him yet, this is an excellent time to show her HOW to find peace in Christ.  Show her your favorite verses that you lean on in times of struggle.  Point her to what the Lord shows you. 

Pray with her.

It may not seem like a lot of effort on your part, but those few little things can make a world of difference to the struggling homemaker.  Just a few moments to show you care makes a difference.

If you don't believe me...

Try it!

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  1. Your words are wise and kind. . . sometimes we think we have to have "arrived" before we can be of help to someone else, but all we have to be, as Corrie Ten Boom so eloquently said, "fellow patients in the same hospital who checked in a few days earlier." We all have a tip, trick, or prayer to share with someone who's struggling, and some days, that can make all the difference in the world between giving up and pressing on. I'm visiting today from Be Not Weary, and glad I did :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! You're right, most often we do think we have to have already gotten it all together before we can encourage others. I admit, I've thought that too. It's been those encouragements from others in the "same hospital" that's been the oomph I've needed to keep plodding on when the road gets really rough, usually a reminder to keep focusing on Jesus, a shoulder when needed, or a quick reference to scripture that fits the situation.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. This is such a great post. I've been an accidental housewife for about 2 years. I have a great mother who was a homemaker and housewife nearly all her life. However, we've had problems because she only criticizes my attempts at being a homemaker. What I want, what I need is just what you said, a woman to come along side me. To enlighten me, to help me, but to be in this with me not make me feel like a failure. I can definitely say the tips you offer are spot on for what a lot of young or inexperienced housewives and homemakers want!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words!

    It's sad isn't it, how some homemakers tend to trample those who are younger and less experienced. Instead, we should really be trying to encourage one another to keep going when we hit rough patches.


    We have all had to start somewhere, we've all had to begin at some point. None of us started out as experts, nor should we expect it of any other woman. Hang in there, keep looking up to the Lord for strength!


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