Friday, September 21, 2018

Preparing for Christmas!

You probably think I'm nuts by working on Christmas in September.  To tell you the truth, I should have started earlier. Of course, it is hard to think of Christmas when it's 92 degrees outside. 

I've dragged out all my Christmas fabric, started piecing 4 patches and put some larger 6" squares together.  Between piecing a scrappy yardage and some purchased yardage combined with it, it should be fun putting together things to put in the shops.  You can find these at the top of the site here, or at the left hand side, or a link on the right hand side.

I love Christmas.  It brings to mind the nostalgia of growing up with parents who loved the 40's and 50's, with the hand made Christmas ornaments, large lights, strings of popcorn, and so on.  Oh..and socks laid out instead of stockings...filled with oranges and apples and nuts and candy.  The Christmas mornings in northern Missouri were usually brutally cold and we'd stay close to the Warm Morning stove to stay warm while we opened presents. 

Fast forward many years, and I'm here with  my own family.  They don't quite appreciate the little things about Christmas like I did, or at least they don't act like it...they love the lights, but would rather do other things than drive around and look at the Christmas lights, see the shop windows lit up downtown or on the square (if you live in rural/small towns, you'll totally understand), etc.  They do seem to appreciate the handmade things I sew up for them for presents, which is nice.  I've made warm fleece pajamas in their favorite characters, I've hand sewn a large doll for Jessica, made shorts, and one year they got quilts. 

This year I'm sewing with Christmas fabric for my shops.  The Christmas fabrics I've accumulated over the years make for great aprons, twirly skirts, quilts, etc.  There's a couple of off the bolt fabric yardages I particularly believe will make a wonderful apron--Normal Rockwell fabric!  Oh how I loved Normal Rockwell calendars growing up, the funny themes each month.  I scooped up all the Rockwell fabric I could get ahold of when I found it.  To me, it brings back good memories of years past.  I hope it does the same for others!

I don't have pictures up yet, but if you go to our FB page you'll see pictures of the fabric.  Love it!!

Oh...I don't know if you've noticed or not, but this is now officially it's own site. 

I've also started work on my "frugal living" site,  It's up and running, and testing out some frugal cleaners as we speak for the next post. 

How are you all doing???  I'd love to hear from you!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It Came! It Came!!

Image found here.

It rained!

I know, some of you wonder why I would get excited over rain.  Rain is normal.  Rain is wet.  Rain floods.

We haven't had much rain here in SE KS for most of the spring and summer.  The crops around us have burned to brown, some didn't come up much at all, grass has burned dry making it harder to graze livestock.  Much of the corn crops are expected to go to sileage (ground down to cattle feed due to inability to harvest).

It rained yesterday!  It wasn't just a little hit and miss storm as we've often had this season.  We've had those, where you go one block in town and you get wet, you go half a block either direction and you're dry.  This one soaked everything.  It was a good long cold rain.  It was wonderful!!!  Funny isn't it, how something like rain can make your day.
Bradford House

This past week hubby and I had opportunity to go to Branson for an overnight trip. Now, we don't go away often, as in we never had a honeymoon not did we go away on any anniversaries.  This time, since it was our 10 year anniversary in June, we decided to do something special.  We booked a room at the Bradford House Bed and Breakfast.  It was great! The house is Victorian styled, modern but built in that style. It sits on a quiet area with pretty landscaping and woods in back, a fountain in front that is soothing to listen to.  The porch is inviting, and the owners encourage sitting out there and enjoying the scenery.

Inside it has 15 rooms, and ours was quite comfortable.  We had one of the more simple rooms--they had more ornate, but we chose to go less cost.   It was just right for us and our physical limitations.  It had a walk in shower, which made me very happy!  Plush carpeting was so nice, the bed was just the right softness, and there was no worry about someone breaking into your vehicle as you find happens at the chain motels.  We had access to the inground pool in the back, and there was secured wifi access as well.  Basically, we could relax.  They had 24 hour coffee and tea available, some homemade snacks available in a pretty arrangement, and...they made cook-to-order breakfast!  It smelled so amazing walking out of our room into the hallway, oh it smelled like home with eggs and biscuits and fresh was nice! There were cinnamon rolls still in the pan, homemade muffins, eggs any way you wanted them, sausage, biscuits/gravy, fresh fruit, OJ, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.  Hubby enjoyed til he got full, I had a cinnamon roll and muffin and a lot of coffee.  YUM!
front dining room

To tell you the truth, I didn't want to come back home to reality.  It was so refreshing and relaxing there, I honestly would have liked to stay a few more days.  Even if we didn't leave the building, to just relax, walk around the property, etc.  We did wander a little bit around Branson, but honestly it was too packed for my taste--I'm not a crowd loving person.  We didn't go for the shows or attractions, we went there for the B & B.  There's some flea markets I wouldn't mind checking out on the next trip, whenever that should be, and there's a National Tiger Sanctuary just outside Branson that I'd like to visit.  I'd like to see some of the mom and pop shops as well, rather than the chain outlets and so on.
entrance to Bradford House

If you're in Branson you really should try them out!  The links go to ways to book them, and no, I do not get compensation for any of that.

Now that we're home again, I've been sewing on baby bibs.  I have many cut out, in foot ball fabrics, red plaids, red and stars, and so on.  I finished up a dusty rose apron with vintage handkerchief decorating the pockets, with a H back and ties.  It is to go in the shop soon.  I've also been trying to figure out how to work the Dressmaker 7000 I just got out of the shop.  It didn't have a manual, so I had to order one, and now I can start to figure out how to use the cams and the 90 embroidery stitches and how to clean/oil it and so on.  She looks like this (this isn't her, but her twin sister found online).
She was $5 from an estate sale left over.  The owner was going to trash her.  She's quite the worker, and well worth more than $5.  I bought the cams for her from Canada, and had her worked on and cleaned up and oiled, and she runs great.  I'm glad she's not in the trash!!

I'll be honest, my favorite machine is still the 1955 Montgomery Ward Precision.  I enjoy sharing this video from Stagecoach Sewing Machines of a similar one, to show how well she works.  I love how well she works, it's my favorite of the machines I have.  I need to put a new motor on her, but she's worth it.  She is a hard worker!  It's fun to work at sewing when you enjoy the machines you have.  I've now collected 4 vintage ones and one "new" one, and only 1 I have yet to work on.  It's a 1950's Kenmore that looks like a tank.  It's one like this (not mine in the pic but that's what it should look like cleaned up and working)... 
She takes an odd sized needle, but they are found online.  She's missing a foot controller, and needs some small parts.  She may end up just being a shelf sitter.  But, for $15 I couldn't really pass her up. 

Then there's the Singer 4623.  She's been making a lot of items lately.  She's an automatic tension girl that takes a Centaur bobbin.  She's an 80's model, part metal, part plastic.  Her twin is here:
She was given to me as well, and she has all her attachments and 2 manuals.  She isn't as dark as the one pictured, but she's getting there.  She's more of a light beige vs butterscotch.  This one is around 1988 to 1989, making it about 30 years old.  It's in great condition, and it's very easy to work with.  It even has an in case bobbin winder (woohoo--no unthreading the machine to wind a bobbin!!)

It's fun working with these machines, it makes sewing and creating all the more enjoyable.  So, since I have to return to reality, at least I have good machines to work with.  :)  I plan on using one of these vintage ones to do denim skirts at some point, the ones made from jeans with an inverted V in the front and back.  They all should hold up to it, each one is built to do hard labor. 

If you sew, what do you work with?  Do you prefer new, vintage, in between, hand needle?  I'd love to see what you use!!

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

What Do Cullotes Look Like?

This picture was taken a few years ago, and Jess has grown a lot.  But, she wore cullotes when she was younger...she was very much a Tom boy and I wanted her modest while she played hard.

The cullotes I make are flowing and look like a skirt.  They don't fit like slightly loose shorts or capris.  These are made from a Mennonite pattern and designed to look like a skirt.  No pleats, just elastic and easy on/off.

I sell these on Etsy and at for year round use.  I have these in a poly satin finish, cotton, and soon adding fleece, flannel, and other more cooler weather suitable fabrics.

These aren't for everyone...not everyone likes cullotes, and that's perfectly ok.  Everyone has different tastes.  But for you all who do like them, the above photo shows how the younger child ones look, at least on our then younger child.  😊.

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Good Sunday Morning

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in SE KS.  Everyone is milling around half awake but still moving.  Hubby is getting ready to take oldest and youngest to church.  (I stay home with middle as he doesn't handle church well...he has a problem with noise and crowds).  I'm hoping to get to go tonight and hear good solid preaching. 

In the meantime I plan on starting some homemade bread in the dough hooks and getting it ready to do its rising. There's nothing like homemade bread with a little butter.  I may make a batch of cinnamon rolls for the family while I'm at it. 

This last week I started Weight Watchers.  It's been over 20 years since I looked at them last, and my how things have changed.  It's worth a shot, it seems easy to work at, and I need the accountability.  It looks easy to put in Trim Healthy Mama recipes in the recipe builder too to determine point values.  Good tasting food helps very much in weight loss. 

What are you doing today?

I hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day! Enjoy a bit of rest in Him!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Good Morning!

 (photo from ebay)

It's morning here at Sunny Patch.  We started the day a little late, but in the summer that's normal.  We tend to enjoy sleeping past 6am (normal time waking up during school days) and staying up later than normal (school days it's 9pm).

I've been working on panelled skirts based on a pattern by Marie Madeline.  They are from Seneca, MO, not overly far from here.  These pics are from the Marie Madeline site about the pattern release.

I love how it's long, modest, allows for lots of prints and colors, and lots of opportunity to change it up and never make the same one twice.  Jessica really likes that she can pick several colors and prints, although she can't find a bunch of cat prints (she's a huge cat lover).  But one version has a single print underneath and an overlay that goes over it that would be perfect for her cats.  It'd be like the pink one on the right in the picture below.

I think these would be adorable made up in say several prints of purples, or pinks, or even blacks/grays.  Maybe even a ruffled flower pin to match.  I've had this pattern for years but have not tried it til now.  I've been missing out!!

I've also been working on more culottes to add to the shop.  They are a specialty item you just can't find in Walmart, so am continuing to make up the skirt-like ones, without box pleats, that really do look like skirts....they are loose and flowing.  I have several bolts of cotton and poly fabrics I've picked up that would make great culottes.  I've cut some from Christmas fabric as well, and may try fleece for the colder weather.  But, it's hard to think cooler weather at 100 degrees currently. 

How are you doing??  Feel free to drop a comment and fill me in on how your day is!!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Camp Time!

Our neck of the woods we have a tradition of fireworks at Lake Crawford State Park (aka Farlington). They fire them off from the dam/bridge, and it's beautiful on the water.
We took the tribe out and they've had fun.  They got to enjoy grilled brats and dogs, s'mores from the grill, and playing in the tent. 
It's been a good evening so far.